old door

Shanghai’s old houses

29 October 2014

The authentic old houses create a more beautiful China for me than the monstrosities of modernism.

Nothing gets in its way...

A new highway

30 July 2013

I was driving around Binhu on my motorbike. Binhu is a quite new area in Hefei and they are developing a huge number of new roads there. This results in empty crossroads with traffic lights but where the crossing road ends up in some undeveloped, rural grassland (where lateron new residential areas will be build).

Their blind spot

Their blind spot

30 July 2013

I was walking down the street and suddenly my attention was drawn to the way they laid down the path for the blind… Let’s just say: they try their best.

Loading the bricks

Demolishing the wall

30 July 2013

A while ago they were demolishing the old wall of the apartment block I’m living in. To my surprise an old lady came by and started cleaning all the bricks from the mortar and separating them from the chunks of debris.

The dentist

The dentist…

13 July 2013

Today I went to the dentist, for a change. A regular check-up and because my girlfriend needed a rotten tooth to be pulled. The whole gig didn’t cost more than 12 Euros.

Hefei, tremendously developing

Debris and empty spots

28 April 2013

There are so many spots covered with debris or just cleared for building new stuff in Hefei.