Shanghai from the sky

22 April 2015

Shanghai seen from up high, no filters, no effects. Just the plain truth. China keeps amazing me with it’s nature.

back alley maze

Back Alley Brawl

5 November 2014

A maze of small alleys, stairs leading to higher houses, laundry hung from house to house. A different world, so beautiful.

old door

Shanghai’s old houses

29 October 2014

The authentic old houses create a more beautiful China for me than the monstrosities of modernism.

Shanghai Lilongs

Demolished Lilongs

12 September 2014

All these old, picturesque buildings and streets have to make way for new buildings. People have their kitchens in the alleyways.

VIVA Fashion Show Shanghai

VIVA Jewelry

11 September 2014

The VIVA jewelry fashion show in Shanghai – we were there… and a big crowd of stylists, hairdressers and skin care professionals.