Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain

21 April 2015

Hiking through Yellow Mountain, I felt like I was wandering through a different world. Yellow Mountain is awesome!


National Holiday Trip

6 October 2014

Hangzhou, West Lake, Linan and visiting a gorge. China has a lot of beautiful untamed nature to offer.

Swan Lake

Swan lake

28 April 2013

Swan lake in Hefei is one of the many scenic areas this developing city has. Man-made, just to beautify the place. Surrounded by modern high-rises and shoppingmalls, it has a nice park area to picnic or just walk around. There seems to be a beach area and the possibility to ride small boats.

Hefei powerplant

Hefei industrial area

24 April 2013

Driving around on my new bought scooter bike, I discovered some prime development land in Hefei. Google maps drew my curiosity when I saw a small river running to a big lake up north…

Hefei city view

On buses, trains, streets and SMOG…

9 April 2013

Here then, a little on buses, trains, streets and SMOG. Everyday I take the bus to my work. And I like it, because the bus-driver knows his route and it is just 1 yuan. And… he never stops for anything…