Shanghai Lilongs

Demolished Lilongs

12 September 2014

All these old, picturesque buildings and streets have to make way for new buildings. People have their kitchens in the alleyways.

paying bills in China

Paying the bills

30 April 2014

When you need to pay the gas, water and electricity bills in China you go to the local seven-eleven.



16 April 2014

the apartment I decided to rent may need some severe fixing and cleaning here and there… I guess this is the way to create a bond between you and the property.


China! Here we come!

2 April 2014

8:00u – opgestaan en tas verder gepakt. Op naar Schiphol, inchecken opstijgen, de Hobbit deel 2, Hunger games deel 2 en Wolf of Wallstreet kijken. 3 a 2 uurtjes pitten in het vliegtuig.

Loading the bricks

Demolishing the wall

30 July 2013

A while ago they were demolishing the old wall of the apartment block I’m living in. To my surprise an old lady came by and started cleaning all the bricks from the mortar and separating them from the chunks of debris.